About us: This is who we are.

Optimal Insurance Choice is a team of licensed and certified professionals located in the Greater Seattle Area. For over ten years, we've offered a consultative approach when providing education and insurance solutions. The dedication we've displayed to our craft has earned the optimal team opportunities to serve in professional forums, as well as casual personal settings.


Licensed to represent: This is who we’re going to show you.

Our approach: It’s about the relationship…

The optimal team shares the same relationship-oriented approach when conducting business: To provide education and insurance solutions for families, Small businesses and medicare recipients throughout the seattle area. Our commitment to clients, business associates, and friends is to deliver an exceptional experience at the highest professional quality, and as a trusted partner on your behalf.


*Contacting Optimal Insurance Choice will connect you with one of our licensed sales producers. Optimal Insurance Choice is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the United States Government or the Federal Medicare Program.