Family Solutions

Life happens…

We all know it. And we’ve all experienced it. An accident on the field after school. A twisted ankle on the court. an unexpected medical emergency requiring a night in the hospital. Life happens to all of us.

…Do you want to be prepared and get in front of it? Or do you want to pick up the financial pieces afterwards?

Let’s put a plan together to protect your family and ensure cash continues flowing into your home to keep your family comfortably moving forward as you recover. Life happens… Let’s be ready for it.

Let’s look at some solutions for the family…


This is a non-negotiable for any family with kids…

Cleanings and X-Rays covered in full immediately, and comprehensive benefits for the need that’s coming.


A medical injury can happen anywhere at anytime under any circumstances.

Cash paid out directly to you in order to pay for the initial accident and follow up treatment that would normally be subject to your medical deductible.


Think about the kids, and then think about the family. Are you prepared?

Affordable ten, twenty, and thirty-year term policies. We can help you decide how much you need, and for how long.


An unexpected medical diagnosis can be devastating.

How do you respond to it? How do you pick yourself back up and keep moving forward? These plans pay large lump sum cash payments to you, ensuring the lights stay on in your home and food is on the table.


Are you traveling outside of the United States?

Now more than ever you need some extra protection when exploring the world. Don’t believe us? Turn on the news…


The landscape of the individual health insurance market is rough terrain at the moment.

Begin navigating the path by exploring the basics through the Washington State Health Plan Finder.