Steven Lopez

   PREMERA Producer Advisory Council Member

PREMERA Producer Advisory Council Member

President, Licensed Insurance Planner
WAOIC: 235850

Direct: 425.286.3043                                                  Fax: 425.660.8002

914 164th St. SE #405
Mill Creek, Wa 98012

Steven Lopez is the President of Optimal Insurance Choice, as well as a Licensed Insurance Planner.  He is married to his beautiful wife Vanessa, and they have three happy and healthy young children together.  In his free time, Steven enjoys the outdoor scenery of the Pacific Northwest by snowboarding the slopes of Stevens Pass and mountain-biking the back-trails of Snohomish County.


" I just finished a thirty minute call with Steven Lopez. It was easily the most complete and satisfying customer service experience of my life. Steven was incredibly patient, thoughtful, and, I believe, candid in working with me to not only answer my questions about Medicare coverage options, but in helping me develop the thought process that evolved into those questions."
Ron Rubin Project Manager: Social Development Research Group

Steven is skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of insurance solutions currently offered by Optimal Insurance Choice, including Medicare and Medicaid planning, individual and family solutions, life insurance needs, and business benefits packages.  For ten years, Steven has participated in the following professional settings while representing Optimal Insurance Choice: conducting long term care seminars for large organizations, one on one consultations with clients in their homes, overseeing informational seminars at respected medical clinics in the Seattle Area, and participating with decision-makers and project leaders at renowned Washington based insurance carriers and reputable hospitals.


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